The Captive


Ryder of Moreland, street rat-turned king’s ward, has been given a strange mission: collect Johanna of Seacliff and deliver her to her betrothed. Johanna, a young but fiery innocent, refuses to marry the vile and disgusting Basil of Blackhawk.

Lord Blackhawk is after Johanna for more than just her body. He wants her estate, and the treasure that is fabled to be located there.

When Ryder steals her from her home in the dead of night, Johanna vows to hate her tall, muscled captor, and escape him at any cost. Her plan goes awry, and she ends up falling for the very man she has sworn to oppose. Will Ryder deliver her to her fate, or will Ryder, the feared Mercenary of Moreland, take Johanna for his own?

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“The Mercenary versus the virgin…5/5 stars.” — Jennifer Guffey

“An excellent book!” — Dylan 128